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‘Oh my God!’ said ref when he saw replay of Lampard ‘goal’

Posted in stupid referee on June 28, 2010 by sekamarrindu2009

jelas bola telah melepasi garisan gol..tapi pengadil kata..”tidak”

Frank Lampard sugul
gol……peristiwa tahun 1966 berulang kembali.

I think Ref is responsible for England’s lose. If he had give the right decision England would not play the attactive game, play defensive like cheap Germans. so that ref should be ….. and the game should be reply.

Uruguayan Jorge Larrionda, 42, saw a replay of the incident at half-time, though the blame appeared to lie more with his linesman and compatriot Mauricio Espinosa. Both accepted they had erred in off-the-record conversations with Uruguayan journalists with Larrionda described as “being destroyed” by the error. Fabio Capello, the England manager, argued that awarding the goal would have levelled the scores at 2-2 and fundamentally altered the course of the match.

Football is the world’s most popular sports game. As with the controversies going on in this year WC, FIFA has to wise up and change some aspects of the game before it starts to stink.

My friend told me last night, “Even if the goal counted, they would have lost 4-2. England defense was weak… made too many mistakes.. .. bla-bla..bla…ishhh.. For me, Since the world Cup started the referee actions are very “bad” or are very unprofessional..

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